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Hello and welcome.

I'm Taylor and I'm glad to have you visit my "Table". Through out my life I have recognized the persuasion of artistic culinary expression as one of the most recognizable outlets for creating community. We all need food. We value it for its nourishment and ability to sustain life. It can have amazing healing properties. However, the mystique around food and its influence on bringing people together is not lost at any friendly gathering where we frequently find ourselves encircled around the kitchen, sipping wine and taking in some sumptuous appetizers, sharing in conversation while the host/hostess places the final touches on the meal. We then unite expectantly around a well-appointed table to dine, talk, laugh and linger in the company of intimacy.

I was infused with an appreciation for cooking at an early age. I began when I was six, introduced officially much earlier. I felt the kitchen to be the soul of my home as far back as memories take me. I was raised in a family of women who possessed a beautiful and passionate appreciation for the art of culinary expression and exhibited great talent. For centuries women, especially, have bonded through meal preparation. It offered them time to connect, share, laugh, cry and exchange stories. Unfortunately, that seems amiss in our modern-day society, a time when our daily affairs rarely afford us the opportunity to linger in the kitchen, let alone in the company of our closest girlfriends or family members. Some of us, however, continue to cook at every possibility, carving our daily tasks into creative affairs. And so we cook...per chance to commune.

My gourmet endeavor does offers some challenging side-notes, in that I am gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. This makes my recipe collection rather unique and continually in a state of evolution. I love wonderful food. I enjoy the process of combining ingredients, herbs and spices then witnessing their sensual alchemy into a delectable dish. I savor the challenge of developing a new recipe. Seeking out the ingredients. Planning the menu. Fusing the flavors. Often, I'll discover a gustatory delight in a wonderful local restaurant then work to replicate it at home, adapting the recipe to suit my needs. One caveat is that I will not sacrifice flavor or salubrious qualities!

It's wonderful to join the many exceptional food bloggers who have framed a new form of community through sharing their exceptional recipes and personal stories. I'm sure you will find me referencing many of those who have served to inspire me and are sure to do so in the future. I offer only quality recipes seasoned with the "stories of the kitchen"...the stories of life shared among women. I also provide informational, educational and relative side-notes and valuable links. I'm fortunate to have a community made up of those richly endowed with varying areas of expertise with whom I may collaborate surrounding the healing and nutritional aspects of my creations, and gain invaluable information and resources from. Let me know what you think...

Bon appetite!


christy lee-engel said...

Hi Taylor! What a beautiful blog you've created, already full of great-sounding recipes. Thanks for the generous sharing, and I hope you have a lot of fun with it!

love, Christy

Lise said...

Hi Taylor,
Your blog is lovely. Even more importantly it has lovely looking and sounding recipes that even get me interested in cooking again in spite of my food restrictions.
Thank you so much!!!! Blessings, Lise

Taylor said...

Thanks Christy and Lise for your kind words. I hope to make a bit of a difference...keep checking back!

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